2021 Halloween Season

Open Every Friday and Saturday ticket sales 7 – 10 pm

1 attraction $13.00 or 2 attractions/combo for $20.00

The Unknown

It’s truly the unknown.  Take a walk through a combination of creepy but cool scenes where you might find a few critters running in the sewer, crazed nuns in the church, and many spiders crawling through the forest.  Don’t miss this opportunity for encounter the truly Unknown.

WhisperCreek Manor

Visit our main attraction WhisperCreek Manor. The heavy rains of 2018 saturated the creek beds pushing up graves from years ago. King Solomon & Queen Sheba were floating down the Fishing Creek when they saw the old abandon building and decided to regain their rightful place on the throne. But, that dreaded Gremlin has re-appeared and caused a lot of mischief for the King and Queen. Oh and watch out for the large dragon that circles the old Mansion. He preys on the beloved ducks of Mill Hall.

Special Event

Family Friendly “Trick or Treat” Block Party

Halloween weekend, Saturday, Oct 30th from 1-3 pm. We will be hosting a “trick or treat” for children. Free trick or treat goodies. There will be games available to play for $.25 each. Proceeds will be donated our local charity Horses for Hope/Horses & Heros. Our attractions will be open for a “Behind the Scenes” tour with show lights (except strobes) and no live actors for regular admission prices. Fun for the whole family.

Lights Out weekend.  To help make the experience different from the first four weekends, have an all new creepy experience with show lights at a minimum and go through with one glow stick per group.