Open for ONE weekend February 15th & 16th from 7-9 pm


Come and experience our Forbidden Love story.  You must be 18 yrs or older to attend.  Some adult scenes will be present.  

Have you fallen for someone that you know you shouldn’t?  Trying to fight the feelings, but just couldn’t?  Falling deeper and deeper each passing day…. trying to hide it in every possible way…….Love, a boundless feeling, Free to give, Free to receive, but Forbidden and must stay hidden.   Locked behind the prison doors, your heart screaming and yelling from your core…. LET ME OUT, the time has come, I need to let him know he’s #1.    You close your eyes, slipping back into the dream, where your heart is safe and allowed to scream.  You can taste the stinging of whiskey on your lips, and it makes your heart just do flips.  The luscious taste of sweet strawberries covered with chocolate so bitter sweet.  The thought of LUST… can it turn or is it simply just FORBIDDEN LOVE????


Admission prices:   $13.00 walk thru NO touching

$15.00 for the all inclusive experience (you could become part of the show)